Foundations of Designing Arabic for Non-Native Speakers’ Tests

Nadia Mustafa AL-Assaf, Khetam Mohammad AL- Wazzan


Test is considered to be an effective method in measuring students’ language capabilities, their educational attainment, and to measure their behavioral goals or educational outcomes. Tests also measure the educational activities and exercises offered by teachers that would help to increase the educational capabilities of students. For that reason, educational supervisors and educators make sure that these tests be of high efficiency as part of the whole process of evaluation. Such efficiency is achieved through designing tests that are free of flaws found in many tests prepared and designed by teachers. Through this study, we can determine the necessary steps that will help us design good and efficient tests that achieve the desired goal, in addition to this, it explains how to design tests for non-native speakers’ who study Arabic Language in spite of their different levels and backgrounds.


Foundation Design, Tests, Measurement and Evaluation

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