Violence Against Social Workers by Beneficiaries and Motivation to Continue Working in Social Services in Umm AL Fahm

Khalid Hreish


This study aims at identifying the violence against social workers by beneficiaries and the motivation to continue working in the social work profession in the city of Umm al-Fahm, within the Palestinian1948 occupied territories. For this purpose, a questionnaire of two aspects, that contains (35) items was designed. The questionnaire was distributed to the entire study community (N=50 social workers), all questionnaires were filled out according to the instructions.
The findings show some significant differences in the level of motivation according to gender variable. Females are more motivated to continue in the field than their male counterparts. There is also variation related to education, in which the more educated social workers are the more they are motivated. Finally, the findings show a positive relation between work experience and motivation, in which the less working years in the field of social work the more motivation to continue working in this profession.
The researcher implies that legislations that protect social workers in their workplace must be redrafted condemning any violence against social workers as a serious crime, and to increase the social workers skills and capacities by training and capacity building in order to deal with their clients properly.


Social Worker, Motivation, Violence, Client, Social Work Center.

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