Natural Disasters and Its Effect on Agricultural Life in Bilad Ashsham during the Second Mamluki Era

Fawzi Kh. Al-Tawahyeh


This study investigated two main topics. The first illustrates natural disasters which invaded Bilad Ash-Sham during the second Mamluki Era (784-922 A.H./ 1383-1516 A.C.) to investigate its content, nature, and types (drought, effusion, snow storms, cold, frost, winds, locust, rats, and plague). The second topic illustrates the size of the effects of these disasters on agricultural wealth, and its reflection on people in terms of famines, prices increase, as well as the effect on peasants in north Al-Sham, and finally, investigating the most effective one on their life.


Second Mamluki Era, Agriculture, Natural Disasters, Bilad Ashsham

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