Palestinian Daily Press Coverage of 25 January Egyptian Revolution

Hatem Alawneh, Amer Fayez


The study aimed at identifying the extent of the daily Palestinian press attention to the events of the 25 January Egyptian revolution from January 25th to February 12th, 2011. The study analyzed the content of all of the Palestinian daily newspapers in the Occupied West Bank, including19 numbers of Jerusalem; The Days and The New Life newspapers. The following are the most prominent findings of the study:
- Palestinian daily newspapers focused largely on the subject of demand to topple the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and on showing the international response to the revolution.
- Press release was the most common type of journalistic style to be used by the daily Palestinian press (50.7%), followed by newspaper articles (18.8%). The daily Palestinian press depended on a variety of foreign news agencies for (62.4%) press coverage.
- Palestinian daily press used mainly eight types of media frames during its coverage of the events of 25 January Egyptian revolution, the emotional frame was in the forefront within other frames (25.4%), followed by intimidatory frame (23.6%) and the interest frame (20.9%).


Press Coverage, The Palestinian Press, 25 January Egyptian Revolution

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