Arab in Models of Modern Hebrew Literature

Munaf N. Abdul-Ghani


The Jewish perspective about Arabs is negative in general. This is related to the Jewish religious and ideological views. All verses talk about Arab in the Old Testament and the Talmud are insulting and defaming them.
This matter affected on the Jewish thinking model generally and the Modern Hebrew Literature. This research presents a quick view about the Arab in the Old Testament and the Talmud which are the most holy Jewish books of the Jews. This research deals also with the literary and intellectual views about the others especially the Arab. On the other hand, this research is shedding the light on some Hebrew writers & poets and their literary Hebrew works which are regarded the most prominent celebrities, one of them is S.Y. Agnon who got the Noble prize for literature. Another writer is H. Hazaz who humiliated the Arab in his literary works and journalist interviews as well.
Other Writers have followed that approach such as Moshe Shamir , Amos Oz and other writers who dealt with the same subject. This research casts light also on same poetic works of other prominent Jewish poets about the same topic like Shaoul Tchernochovesky, Natan Alterman and David Shamoni who dealt also negatively with Arab character; they have given bad descriptions like “underdeveloped”, “murderers”, “aggressiveness”… etc.
Finally we can notice that all the Jewish writers and poets have used the stereotype through their description and presentation of the Arab in their literary works.


Arab, Hebrew Literature, Poets

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