Historical Writing in the 10 AH Century: The Sixth AD Century

Rab’a Shaker, Mohammed Khreisat


This study deals with Ottoman Historical Writing in the 10 AH century, the sixth AD century, namely after the Ottoman conquest of Arab countries. The period before the Ottoman conquest of Arab countries witnessed historians who have received the luck of fame such as: Al-Maqrizi, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani, Badr Al- din Al-Aini, Ibn Taghree Bardi, Al- Suyti, Ibn Iyas and others.
For the Ottomans, their historical writing was characterized by focusing on virtues of Al- Ottoman and their conquests, so the information were largely similar to the predominance of the military nature.
Ottoman Historical Writing can be divided into three main topics:
- Books of forays and conquests
- Books of Sultans (virtues): These books singled out the works of the most prominent ottoman sultans such as Sulaiman Namech for mant authors, virtues of Yazeed and others.
- Books of general history: dealt with the history of Al-Ottoman, such as popular yearbooks
The most prominent Ottoman historians in that period: Mustafa Al- Janabi, Asheq Zada, Ibn Qurra Ali, Aruj, Kama Basha Zada, Lutfi Basha Al-Roomi, Mohammad Jamali, Shukri Zada, Nashanji,Ramadan Zada and others.
Thus we see that the lack of concern for the attention of the Ottomans in writing during this period doesn't based on fact, but that many of the manuscripts about the history of Ottoman still waiting for the investigation.


Historical Writing, 10th Century

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