Causes of School Violence and Means of Reducing it From The Perspective of Students' Parents in Upper Primary Stage in Jordan "Field Study in the District of Aiera and Yarqa"

Jihad Ali Saideh


The study aimed at exploring the causes of school violence from parents' perspective in the district of Aiera and Yarqa in Balqa Governorate/ (Jordan), for the academic year 2010/2011. The study also aimed at describing the most important means of reducing violence. The study sample consisted of (100) parents' (28 fathers and 72 mothers), and used the social survey sample method questionnaire to achieve the study objectives. The study results showed that the most important social causes that lead to school violence are: the inability of the family in providing the basic requirements for students, followed by bad association . The most important causes of school violence are: tightened control over students, followed by weakness in the administrative leadership at the school. The results also showed the existence of statistically significant differences between the average answers to the parents of students on the underlying social and school violence and the default scale average, the non-presence of statistically significant differences due to sex differences. These differences were found due to educational achievement and that the most important means of reducing violence from the perspective of parents' are: the providing of services (playgrounds, yards...) in the school, followed by activation of school guidance and counseling, and training of teachers in specialized courses in positive dealings with students .The study recommends the enlightenment of parents with the causes of school violence. It also recommends instructing teachers and administrative staff on the ideal method of dealing with students.


Violence, School Violence, Educational Problems, Social Problems.

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