The Perceptions of Instructors to the Problems Teaching Arabic as A foreign Language and learning

Khetam Mohammed Al- Wazzan, Majed Mohammed Al – Khayat


This study aimed at investigating the perceptions of instructors toward teaching problems of Arabic as a foreign language, and its relation to the teacher experience. The study sample consisted of (57) instructors who teaching Arabic as foreign language. The instrument which consisted of (52) items was applied at the sample of this study.
Results revealed the most perception problems of teaching Arabic as A foreign language:
- About curricula: does not reflect the cultural and intellectual interests for the learners.
- About instructors: few of involvement of instructors in international conferences dealing with teaching Arabic as A foreign language.
- About learners: individual differences among students at the same level.
- About teaching environment: the absence of specialized library containing books, references, stories and novels for the foreign students.
On the other hand, the results showed also no statistically significant differences in the perception problems teaching Arabic as A foreign language according to year's experience of instructors.
The researchers recommended that more studies should be undertaken. These studies should be focused on the standardized instrument for teaching Arabic as A foreign language.


Instructors Perceptions, Problems Teaching, Student's Foreign Language

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