Aristotle's Book of Rhetoric and its Effect on Critical and Rhetorical Heritage of the Arabs, Al Jahiz as a Model

Huda Qazza, Yousif Bakkar, Ziad Zoubi


The impact of the book rhetoric of Aristotle in Heritage cash and rhetorical theme of Ahawk to search; the value of this book, it is still on after Gore time authored fount of ideas value in literary criticism, and many of the ideas presented by Aristotle which still bear the stamp of novelty and feel free to talk critics when deciding assets literary theory, such as the elements of truth literary " writer, text, and the receiver", and the image, and weight and rhythm, and proportionality, and systems, and strangeness, mystery and clarity, this is the thought of the ideas timeless heritage cash are still dealing with the lesson and make up the books.
I do not want these signs summary to stand position colon or analyize to Aristotle's ideas in the book of rhetoric, but Osogaha to indicate the book value stimulate the researcher to follow up on his journeys between the atmosphere different, especially if it was this atmosphere, bigeye and wrote in the statement, rhetoric and criticism.
Bigeye understand how this book? Leave it to understand, but for a sharp imitated in his writings? Or you see the face of the ideas of the book in line with his or her own? Or you see the general understanding of some of his ideas? Or you see did not understand at all? These questions evoke mind. That either may understand the book rhetoric or did not understand it is our duty to examine the image of him, as long as it has known his image. And I mean the lesson here not to stand at the borders of judgment understanding or lack of understanding of the book of the original, but I mean ideas erroneous and deviant and horseshoe as mean ideas correct and original, as long as the perception of the impact of the book in his mind, rather than any I have to ask: I understand or did not understand? I ask: How do you understand? The central question remains: Is the impact of the book in bigeye rhetoric? The manifestation of this effect was that. And be the answer to such a question objective analysis of the texts of bigeye contacted closely in the book of rhetoric and translations.
When determining citizen communication and vulnerability may tend researcher to generalize the absolute or customization absolute, Valtamim absolute was looking, for example, to imagine bigeye rhetoric and its relevance to the book of Aristotle; customization absolute that deals with topics partial wrote bigeye tries statement face contact with this book. And the right approach should not take away researcher a Almnzein or mediating between them, unless Dallah trace on the type of influence and being a part sporadic Oaelia comprehensive or intermediate between that. It remains the ruling in this case is what it takes to Hin collection of bigeye what he wrote in his books, and then organize, then analyzed and studied, and draw conclusions from it, and then show the signals that can be attributed to arrive copywriters rhetoric. Search for stepped problematic affected bigeye rhetoric Aristotle, and after it finished Me a statement knowing bigeye Bionan and eloquent, and logic and rhetoric from the book, and then tried to Acetknah link between the governing text of bigeye and rhetoric from Aristotle through the study of monetary comparison. At the conclusion of the most prominent phrase search results, which showed the nature of this vulnerability and circumstances and extent.


Rhetoric, Aristotle, Jahiz, Model

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