Dialectical Relationship between Music and Drama

Ali Abdullah


Play music and drama an influential role in life since the beginning of man's first , where the associated beliefs and old formed a large portion of them , but it crystallized more clearly with the emergence of human civilizations and became its role more effectively , since the era of the ancient Greeks to the present time has become their relationship relationship coherent and sustained not limited to celebrations and events and holidays and rituals , but took their place on stage and contributed to the community building and development.
The study reviews the relationship between art music and art of the drama and the emergence of all of them, are discussed in this context march creative figures additional professional exceptional bringing together between the peculiarities of thought, music and drama: (Richard Wagner), and (Bertolt Brecht), and the achievements of each , in the fields of music, drama, opera and art, especially since both artists have to deal with this art in a special way, with the most prominent recognition to their work and play Ntegathma intellectual, philosophical, and their impact on the movement of modern theater and contemporary methods of musical composition.
The study draws a number of factors specific to each of the artists and participants between the two being the two schools represent important in the history of modern global culture and her career.


Music, Drama, Opera

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