The Trends Toward Music Exhibited by the Students of Musical Arts at the University of Jordan

Nidal Nusairat, Ayman T. Hussein


This study aims at revealing the “the educational and career trends toward music exhibited by the students of musical arts at the University of Jordan”. The analytical and descriptive methodology was used in the study by collecting and analyzing the data and information relevant to the study subject. The study population consisted of all the students enrolled in the musical arts (Bachelor and Master), a total of 56 male and female student during the first semester of the academic year of 2012/2013.
In view of the results, the study recommended the administrators overseeing the educational process to stress the important role the music plays in all aspects of sentimental, physical and educational life. In addition, to the design and implementation of programs supporting the musical cultural among the Jordanian society. This is for purpose of increasing the awareness about the importance and influence of the musical careers and education on the individual and national income.


Trend, Musical Education, Career, Musical Career

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