The Image Construction in the Case of IbnArabi and Jala-u-ddin Al-Roumi

Noor M. Qudah


Numerous studies tackled the works of the greatest Sufi poets in Arab and Persian countries. Two of these Sufi poets are Ibnarabi and Jala-u-ddin Al-roumi. Research on these two poets and their works focused on the thought of their poets as it played a remarkable effect on that of the SufiSchool. However, this paper focuses on the artistic aspects of the works of these two Sufi poets since their poetry played a poetic and artistic rather than a spiritual effect. The study has taken into consideration the general elements of the artistic image, and the extent it meets the artistic needs, balance among the general elements or if one element overshadows another, their interaction with the text, the spiritual occasion and poetic objectives. The importance of artistic images in the case of these two poets, in particular, and Sophist poets, in general, lies in that they shed light, to some extent, on the intended meanings which are revealed by such images. Such artistic images stand as a source of energy in poetry and enable readers to explore the experience that the two poets experienced. Furthermore, they also reveal the artistic potentials of the poets in employing them to express the intended meaning.


Poetry, Artistic Images, Defamiliarization, Simile, Symbol, Sophism

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