Poetry of Ibn Al-Labbanah to Al-Muutamed Ibn Abbad

Ragda Al-Zboon


This paper aims at investigating the poetry composed by Ibn Al-Labbanah Ad-Dani in Al-Muutamed Ibn Abbad, who is considered one of the most famous kings in the Andalusi era, after his ordeal and incidence in captivity. The paper is an attempt to explore the motives of Ibn Al-Labbanah’s great loyalty to Ibn Abbad. In addition, it reveals the themes of the poetry composed in this regard, which discuss three aspects. The first aspect is the prestigious position of Ibn Al-Labbanah in Ibn Abbad’s life. Secondly, feeling sorrow at the change of his status and prestige after the demise of the kingdom of Bani Abbad. Finally keeping faith with Al-Muatamed Ben Abbad and feeling sorrow to him and to things happened to him after the demise of his kingdom and being in captivity. The research concludes to demonstrate the privacy of poetry of Ibn–Al-Labanah’s that reveals the relationship which connected him with Ibn Abbad. It also reflected this close relationship clearly in his poems and clarified his loyalty and sincerity.


Ibn Al-Labbanah, Al-Muutamed Ibn Abbad

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