The Sedition of Al-Ghaz and Sultan Seljuk Singer (548-552 AH /1153 – 1157 AD)

Mohammad Kh. Momani


This study aimed at revealing a historical event concerning Sultan Seljuk Singer's conflict with AL-Ghaz Turkish tribes in khorasan in the years (548-552 AH /1153-1157AD) and clarifying the reasons, events and the results of this conflict.
The study also revealed the results of losing the Sultan's throne and the domination of AL-Ghaz which caused a defect in the balance of power of kingdom of Seljuk which, at that time, announced the start of its end.
The emigration of Al-Ghaz tribes from Central Asia to Iraq was to search for food, water, security and stability. Their entry into Tkharstan and Balkh, their domination of Maro, Nishapur and some of its parts, and their spreading of corruption, rubbery, destruction which affect these regions, its people and its Sultan who died oppress although of his escaping from jail. Al-Ghaz tribes caused a historical change that could not be neglected.


Al-Gaz, Seljuk Singer, Khorasan

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