The Semiotics Introductions "Hashem Gharaibeh As A Sample"

Nizar Qbelat


This paper is an attempt to reveal the semiotics, thresholds and narrative introductions as well as approaching the latter to the concept of prologue. Furthermore, this paper sheds the light on the role played by the narrative introduction as it cooperates with other textual thresholds and with all that which falls under the umbrella of the concept of parallel text such as hard covers, subtitles, introductory statements, dedications, subtitles and margins. Moreover, this paper investigates the significance of those thresholds and narrative introductions as well as their relationship within the structure of the novel and their impact on the text and on the content of discourse. Both are strictly related to the act of narration and to the narrative reality since both of them create a strategic entrance to the novel. Gharaibeh was one of the writers who believe that the past can be formulated in the literature again.


: Semiotics, Thresholds, Introductions

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