Coping Mechanisms of Poor Urban Women

Raniah A. Jabr


The study aimed at identifing the coping mechanisms of poor urban women in order to meet the basic needs for her family, and to reveal her social, economical and health characteristics. The study relied on survey sample consists of 136 poor women, representing 13.8% of study population, who receive cash assistance from the National Aid Fund in Zarqa. Simple statistical methods used to analyze the data.
The results show diversity of the coping mechanisms used by the urban poor women, mainly through socially accepted mechanisms such as rationing in consumption, reduce spending and optimal investment of resources. In addition some other passive mechanisms such as altruism and absence of investment in human resources. The study recommends consideration to urban poor women characteristics and coping mechanisms in the design and selection of poverty reduction programs and projects, supporting particularly social viability mechanisms.


Poor Urban Women, Coping Mechanisms, Poverty Culture

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