Book of Jihad for Al-Sulami (500 AH / 1106 AD) Study of His Method and Sources of the Islamic Conflict - the Frankish Crusader

Isam Mustafa Oqleh, Yousef Bani Yasin


This study deals with Islamic heritage that associated with the era of Crusaders wars, depending on the (Book of Jihad), through research investigator in the book and its sources and methodology, and his view to the conflict of Islamic-Crusader war, especially as the first source we got so far handled that era. The study tries to identify the extent of absorption of the idea of the campaigns on the Islamic world and the value presented in his book and what strategies they made to restore the Islamic world, and the Levant, especially for the lead in that conflict, and the restoration of land that took place under occupation.


Crusader Wars, Jerusalem, Al-Sulami, Jihad, Bilad-Alsham

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