Problems Faced by English-Speaking Students When Learning Verbs Associated with Tense and Aspect in the Arabic Language

Mohammad Aref Ali, Basma Ahmad Sedki Dajani


This study seeks to provide a detailed comparative analysis of verbs denoting tense and aspect in both Arabic and English, and is designed to monitor errors in the use of verbs associated with tense and aspect by English-speaking learners of Arabic. This will be achieved through a study that characterizes the mistakes made by a group of American and British middle-level students studying at the Military Institute of Languages, who represent the study sample. Moreover, the results of such an analysis will be utilized in teaching such verbs to English-speaking students and the development of rules and regulations that limit the occurrences of students making such mistakes by guiding teachers and curriculum developers.


Arabic language, English language, Concordance, Tense, Aspect, Grammar

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