Verification of Seven Letters (Manuscript) for Abifiher Mahmoud Mohammad Shaker

Ibrahim Al-Kofahi


It is no longer a secret how personal messeges which were written by the writer to his sheikhs, teachers, students and friends take a great importance to signify the hidden areas of the psyche of his temperament, and his life and scientific experiences so no offence, they are part of the history of his writer, up to the point that his studies cannot be completed away from this aspect of his literary, which is usually filled with men depth secrets, and pen bouts.
But unfortunaltely, the heritage of the Egyptian writer's Abi Fiher Mahmoud Mohammad Shaker (1909-1996), which contains these personal letters, still up to date scattered here and there no one to take care of it. Collecting and publshing it to the people correctly in order to the Preseverd them from loss then to be in reach of the hands of teachers and scholars.
Hence this paper comes to fill vulnerability aspects of Shaker literature activity which is still unknown for many people as he seeks to achieve the seven letters (Manuscript) who had addressed the two of his students and friends, Dr. Nasser A Idden Alassad (jordan) and Dr. Abdelleh Bin Abdelrahman Isselan (Saudi).


Verification, Manuscript, Mahmoud Shaker

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