The Russian French Relations during the Past Decade: (1998-2007)

Mekhled Mbydeen


This study aimed to research the Russia-French relations throughout the past decade (1998-2007), focusing on the fundamental issues which formed the axis of these relations by talking about the interests of both countries relating to these issues.

By using descriptive - analytical methods, the study shows the following: First, the Russia-French relations are very important on the level of the Russia-Europe relations because of the clear significant of both states in the international arena, especially after Russia has rebuilt up itself in a new form. Second, there was a match in their visions about many issues: for example, the necessity of the cooperation between each other especially in economy, the necessity of the multi-polarity in the international system, the necessity of entering Russia into the European partnership. As for the disparity between the two states, there are many files which caused trouble for both of them, such as Kosovo problem, Iran, Chechen problem, and the democracy and Human Right in Russia. Third, there is discontinuity and change in the pattern of the Russia-French relations as a result of President Nicola Sarkozy accession to the power in France, because of his orientations towards the United States and criticisms of many Russian issues in the international society. It seems that the probable scenario of the Russia-French relations is the cautious cooperation as for the French political realism and the urgent Russian interests.


Russia-French relations, the multi-polarity, President Nicola Sarkozy, European partnership.

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