The Struggle between the Religion and State in Al-Hakam Al - Rabadi Rule (180 - 206 H/ 796 - 821 A. C.)

Muhammad Khalid M. Al-Momani


The research aims at studying a distinctive feature of Al-Hakam Al- Rabadi rule in Al-Andalus. The feature is one of violent struggle between religion and the state, manifested in Al-Rabad three revolutions in which jurisprudents played a basic role.

The main reason behind Al- Rabad's revolutions was the conflict between religion and the state, beside other reasons like the disapproval of jurisprudents and the public of Al-Hakam's character, behavior and policy in administering the state's affairs Al-Hakam suppressed the revolutions violently by imposing state over religion.


Al-Rabadi Rule, Religion and State, Al-Andalus.

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