(348H- after 430A.H/ 958-after 1038A.C) and his Book “Al-Ihtifal Fi Tarikh A’lam Al-Rijal”

Yousef A. Bani-Yaseen


This research is aiming at shedding light on Al-Hasan bin Muhammad Al-Qubbashi (430 A.H), one of the pioneer historians in the Andalusian history, and his book "Al-Ihtifal fi Tarikh Al-Rijal" was neglected by the historians. It is to be noticed that some of the historians were erroneous about the book and his author.

According to that, the researches complied and studied the texts of the book. The biography of the author and his culture were deeply investigated.

The subject of the book, its style, order, and sources were discussed. The two historians, Ibn Abd-Barr and Ibn Afif, and their relation to the book and its author were understand.


Writing History, Al-Andalus, Al-Qubbashi, Al-Ihtifal fi Tarikh Al-Rijal, Ibn Abd- Barr, Ibn Afif.

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