Political Dimensions of the State’s General Budget

Khaled Al-Edwan, Mohammed K. Shar’a


The Study aims to determine budget’s political dimensions. Its significance stems from the fact that it covers a topic- from a political perspective - in which Economics, Administration Science and Politics overlap. Further, it benefits from other science to explore the various dimensions of the phenomenon under study. It also discusses the political significance of the legislative institutions’ dealing with the state’s general budget, without denying the artistic dimension. To achieve the objectives of the study, the institutional approach and analytical approach were used.
The study concluded the following findings:
1. The state’s General Budget includes several political dimensions in addition to its legislative, financial and artistic dimensions. The most important political dimension was the disapproval of the Legislative institutions on the project of the Law of the General Budget. Thus, politically speaking, would affect the confidence in the government.
2. The General Budget is a political mirror that reflects the power scale between the legislative institution and the Executive Institution.
3. The political system of the State has a role in determining the political dimensions of the General Budget.
The Study concluded with a number of recommending actions. Some of them at the level of the legislative institution and others at the level of the executive institution.


General Budget, Political Control, Legislative Institution

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