The Significance of Privative (Lao – Conditional particle) in the Efforts of Grammarians and Rationalist Scholars

Imad Ahmad Al-Zabn


This study assumes that the expression of grammarians of (lao) significance is true, (lao) indicates the privation of the content of the result depending upon condition, because of the privation of the content of the condition, But it adds a reference of the principle of equal proportion of Commons between two parties of condition in the significance of (lao), for limiting the reasoned, I mean that result depending upon condition, in the causality of condition. This study has shown that, there is a difference about the meaning of Hypothetical clause between the Grammarians theory and Rationalist Scholars theory, and in the theory of Grammarians, the correlation in the (lao) significance, and the causality of its condition, be through external reality, and not through the logical correlation rules, as the theory of Rationalist Scholars, and this difference guides to the solution of many objections about the expression of Grammarians.
This study concludes to the scientific results through presentation of scientists theories about the significance of (lao), and through the analysis of these theories by Grammarians method, and Rationalist Scholars method. This study summarizes that the importance of linguistic studies of abstraction of other elements of sciences, which may mislead the results of linguistic studies, and sum up that the importance of linguistic research by the method of grammarians and linguists.


Grammarians, Rationalist Scholars, Lao

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