An Investigation of the Importance of Place and Event in the Prophet’s Raids "may God Bless Him"

Hala Beidas, Shawkat A. Darwish


This study highlights and investigates the importance of “place” in some of the Prophet’s raids. It also considers the role played by “place” in achieving victory. Place is a crucial pillar in the life of both the individual and society [ for man fuses into the crucible of place its horizons, and overlooks both place and time.
While the role of “time” is symbolised by the month of Ramadan, “place” is represented by the holy cities of Mecca, Madina and Jerusalem.
Man is attached to place and yearns especially to encounter reminiscences of “victory”. This longing becomes linked to “place”, thus becomes familiar to man.
The research highlights the importance of “place” in the chronicles of Islam especially in choosing the scenes of raids. We follow up on these raids to recall reminiscences about them. The place is worth remembering for it was in a theatre of events that took place in their realm. Recalling the memory of “place” establishes a basis for a renewed vision which vividly represents the reality which we live.


Place, Badr, Uhud, Hunayn, Taif.

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