Blocking “Af al min” from Nunation: Reasons and Syllable Sequencing

Munir T. Shatnawi


Nunation in “Af<al min”, when followed by “min”, is blocked; otherwise, it is nunated. This is due to rhythm consequent of syllable adjacency. That is the diacritic “Kasra” “i” syntactically conditioned by a preceding preposition, is realized as the diacritic “Fatha” in harmony with the diacritic “Kasra” of the following “m” in “min”.

As Arabic favors such type of cadence, it does not sanction the occurrence of two adjacent syllables with equal weight, i.e. “Lin” followed by “min”, especially if “n” is longated or assimilated, in which case Arabic disfavors such rhythmic patterning.


Blocking from nunation, Nunation, Syllable sequencing, Syllable structure

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