The Dialects of Kenanah and Huthail in Abi Nasr al-Farabi’s Pamphlet

Iman "M.A." Al-Kilani


This research studies the dialects of two tribes, Huthail and Kenanah among the six tribes mentioned in Abi Nasr al-Farabi's pamphlet. These six tribes are considered the source of language during the protesting era. The research attempts to discover the selection standards which made ancient Arab linguists take from the tribe of Huthail as a whole, and take only from some of Kenanah. It links between the tribes of Quraish and Kenanah through the following up the kinship of the two tribes and their locations. It concludes that Quraish is part of Kenanah from which it took its language.

The research states that particular linguistic features of both tribes: Kenanah and Huthail were poetic citations associated with authentic Quranic verses. The most significant differences in the features are at the levels of semantics, morphology and some of the syntax.

The research tried to state, classify and count these features in order to find out the most important characteristics of the differences in the joint standard literary language.


Kenanah’s dialect, Huthail’s dialect, Abu Nasr al-Farabi’s Pamphlet

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