The Effect of Ghareeb Al-Hadeath Books on Arabic Dictionaries

Mahmoud Obaidat, Hussein Ghawanmeh


The aim of this research is to study the effect of Ghareeb Al-Hadeath books on the Arabic dictionaries. The effect of Ghareeb Al-Hadeath on the present dictionaries can be summarized in two points:
- The linguistics material presents dictionaries depended on Al-Ghareeb books in their linguistics material, such as in Lissan Al-Arab, that made one of his five main resources: Ibn Al-Atheer’s “Al-Nihaya” book.
- linguistics material classification method. Ghareebayn book was first applied on preceding Azzamakhshari’s book Asaas Al Balaghah.
In the future, studies have shown that Ghareeb Al-Hadeath books are considered as a main resource for the historical Arabic language dictionary, concentrating on the semantic development of Al Hadeath terms, which present a limited phase in the Arabic language.


Ghareeb, Al-Hadeath, Dictionaries

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