The Coherent Functions to Repetition Language Form in the Poems of Su’ad Al-Sobah Called: "A Woman without Shores"

Abdel Muhdi H. Al-Jarrah


This paper aims at investigating the coherent functions to repetition language form in the poems of Su’ad Al-Sobah called: "A Woman without Shores". It tries to show the text relation that repetition does in view of text analysis and to show its effect forming the text creativity.

The paper deals with the concept of coherent functions to repetition form in the language. Also, it analyzes the coherent functions to language form of Repetition.

The paper concludes that the language form of Repetition contribute in forming the text relationship. It’s necessary for text coherence because it has certain function such as great and small structure of the text, high relation, and predication connections as well as the effect of emotional idea in the poem


Functions, Coherent, Language Form, Repetition, "A Woman without Shores"

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