The Aspects of Education in the Emirate of Trans-Jordan with Regard to the Report of the Administration of Education in 1934

Mohammad S. Al-Tarawneh


This paper aims at presenting a comprehensive picture about the public Emiri educational aspects of the Emirate of Trans-Jordan in 1934, regarding the following: The number of schools, students, teachers and the beginning of both the industrial and the agricultural professional education.

This paper proposes the efforts of the Administration of education in spreading the educational services and promoting the quality of these services despite shortage in financial resources.

Comparing the educational circumstances at the dawn of the Emirate in 1921 with those appeared after a decade and a half from the existence of the Emirate, we see the progress as well as the distribution of these educational services all over the Emirate. This courageous step laid the foundation to the educational reconnaissance which we witness today through out Jordan


Public Education, Emirate of Trans-Jordan, Administration of Education

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