Job Satisfaction of Female Employees at Arab Pharmaceutical Company in Salt City

Mohammad El-Daks


This study aimed to understand job satisfaction among women working at Arab Pharmaceutical Industry, as well as searching differences in job satisfaction, which include eight areas, as well as ranking level of satisfaction by these components. A questionnaire was designed which included forty statements. 170 respondents were interviewed by using a random sample. 

The study found that the level of satisfaction was high in the areas “components” of human relations, physical “material” environment, in which the mean values ranged between 3.41 and 4.20. In addition, the level of satisfaction was medium in the areas of management and supervision, as well as training and promotion, in which the mean values ranged between 2.61 and 3.40.

The study provided many recommendations to increase the level of satisfaction among female employees in the areas that obtained a medium mean score. The study also urged for conducting more research in the area of job satisfaction in different productive institutions to meet the goals of such institutions and its employees.


Job Satisfaction, Areas of Satisfaction, Female Employees, Pharmaceutical Industry

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