The Colours Phenomenon and Its Rhetorical Role in Production of the Indication “Heidar Mahmoud’s Poems as a Model”

Fayez A. Alquraan


This study handled the colours phenomenon and its rhetorical role in production of the indication in the poetic new speech considering Heidar’s Mahmoud’s poetry as model. And rushed in its handling from the stylistic region for the poetic formation that appeared in it, a passage by the objective fields that are formed in it and by the contexts

It revealed that Heidar Mahmoud's experience took five colours that represented the semantic production lines, she: the black, the red, the green, the white, and the brown (tanned). It has planted these colours in a number of the objective fields like: the human field, the vegetable field, the nature field, and the morales field. It found that it dealt with the indications that the kinds produce through the attempt of the mixing between the indications of the abroad (the agreement culture) and the indications of the contexts and through the creation of internal indications related to some of the colours.and from these indications: the indication of the citizen, the belonging, the pride, the joy, the hope, they were entangled, the optimism, the life, and the grant.


The Colours, Heidar Mahmoud, Indication

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