The Consistency of the Functional Generating in Metaphor

Raed F. Tafesh


The functional generating is considered an innovation for new functions referring to a functional and linguistic ability that is consistent and systematic. The present paper discovers the consistency of the functional generating in metaphor as well as what is presented to make the soul express its ideas, emotions, imaginations and feelings. The paper discovers that the metaphorical relation defined by linguists is a basic standard in the contestant generating in metaphor. However, there is some contextual and structural overlapping added to these relations. The aim is to understand very well the aesthetic values hidden in the metaphorical generating. The metaphorical relations are not enough to interpret the consistency of the functional generating in metaphor.

The study shows that the linguist's description is not well defined. Their description concentrated on the word. In fact the word was not to have a metaphorical functional generating without its relation to the structural relations in its context. So we should study carefully a number of functional principles to interpret the consistency of the metaphorical generating. In turn, these principles will appear when the word joins its structures in s structural contextual functional way.

This being the case, one word can be used in many different metaphorical contexts in one metaphorical relation. But the resulting metaphorical generating is different according to the different functional principles in realizing every one of these.


Linguistic, Functional Generating, Function, and Metaphor.

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