The Rituals of Rejection and Apology Analytical Reading: A Retrieve of Imagination with my Friends by Al-Rae’ Al-Nomairi

Adnan M. Obeidat


This poem comes in a context of thoughtful civilization where the interference between poetry and politics seems in evitable in the light of the progress and complexity that accompanied the enlargement of the Islamic state and the reign of the Omayyads. The omayyads were considered userbers for the caliphate in the eyes of most Muslims, and that paved the way for belligerent political parties to come up like the party of the Zubairis. The tribe of queis was of Zubeiriwhims. The tribe of Nomayr – the family of the poet – was a sub family for the poet. They were engaged in afierse war against the Ommayyads which ended with their defeat and the death of Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubair. That made our poet carry the consequences of the event as a mater of the tribe of Nomayr. He shouldered a great responsibility through which he sought amiability of the Omayyads. This poem disclosed on innovative thinking that involves a higher level of interference between politics and poetry.


Al-Rae’ Al-Nomaysi, Rejection, Apology.

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