Al-Shurat Picture in the Kharijite Poetry

Ahmad Flayyeh, Azmi Al-Salehi


Ancient historians and contemporary scholars both consider the two terms (Al-Shurat) and (Al-Khawariji) as synonymous pronouns for the party which revolted against the fourth orthodox caliph Ali Ibn Talib, as such they do not see any differences between them.

This ambiguity concealed the right insight to the history fact were it overlooked the emergence of an accurate organization which had specific objectives appeared in the early days of Islamic, i.e (Al-Shurat). The research paper has related through it’s intrusive study of the Kharijite poetry to the fact that-Al-Shurat is an organization of special duties among the Khawarij. Their duties were carried out within certain conditions and circumstances. Therefore, it can be considered as a self Sacrificing organization.

Consequently, not all of the Khawarij are Shurat. This distinction helps in understanding the poetry of the Khawarij according to this new fact and by so it highlights a distinctive dialogical and political activities in the political and ideological history of Islam.


Al-Shurat, Al-Khawarij

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