The Army of Al-’a'nieh Imara in the Era of Prince Fakher – Al-Deen Al-Manni the Second (999H / 1590AD – 1044 H /1634 AD)

Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Shyyab


The army of Prince Fakher Al-Deen Al-Manni has played an important role in preserving the security of Lebanese political authority in a certain era. Prince Fakher Al-Deen has given great care to his army to guarantee the unity of the country and to achieve a high level of security and stability in his country in the "Shouf" region. He also supported his army to enable the soldiers to face the "othmani" Forces which were waiting for the opportunity to defeat him.
All the previous factors encouraged the prince to support his army with its needs to accomplish his political ambitions. This indeed succeeded because of his wise and farsighted policy represented through holding agreements with some Lebanese districts to support him. He also held some agreements with European countries to provide his army with weapons and experience.
Al-Manni's dream of having a strong "Imaret" and a powerful army was supported by many factors including his traditional inherited leadership of "Al-shouf" region. Another factor was that othmani forces weren't available most of the time in "Belad Al-sham" so he didn’t have to pay the money imposed on him on time. This caused the othmani leaders to disregard him for a period of time, which gave him the opportunity to support his army and his young Imaret.


Army, Fakher-Al-Deen Almanni the second, weapons, military Divisions

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