Ibn Kamal Basha's the Message of "Taqseem Al-Majaz" "An Investigation and Study"

Jabr Ibrahim Barri


The massage of "Taqseem Al-Majaz" which was composed by Ibn Kamal Basha (940h) is an important issue and essential core for authors. It hasn't got new subject for Arabic eloquent students, but it represents an invitation to come out of the (Skaky School) which controls the eloquent lesson with its philosophical tendency and its logical braches. He offered two newly parts about imagination. He pretends that he individualized the first one and invented the second one.
My task in this massage was divided into two parts. The study which includes translation for the author's curriculum vitae, scientific position, his authoresses and an imagination brief study for the component of the massage. Then, it includes the achievements of the massage according to the approach which I explained its steps in the introduction.


Al-Majaz, Ibn Kamal Basha

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