Mohammad Jamal Amros Poetry for Children: An Objective Study

Ibrahim Al-Kofahi


The research discusses one of rich experiments in the children literature as a distinguished type of literature in the modern times. It is Mohammed Jamal Omro's experiment. This research goes deeply inside the poetic works of his to read and shed and lights on the different dimensions of his works contents, style, and the artistic efficient means.
The study begins with a short preface about the children literature concepts. The study is divided into two chapters; the first one is about the writer's biography and his efforts in the field of children literature. The second chapter is about his poetic experiment. This part gives a short description of his published poetical works. The second chapter is divided into two points; the first one is about the basic contents of his poetic experiments, the second point is about the most important artistic and style characteristics of the poet his expressions about these contents in addition the method of contacting with the recipient/ children.


Mohammad Jamal amro, Children Poetry

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