The Concept of Innovation and its Relationship with Heritage in Adonis Productions

Maha Mahmoud Al.utoom


Adonis is considered as one of the most important symbols of modernity in the Arab poetry and criticism. He presents through his critical and poetry books a concept of integrated innovation associated radically with time: past, present, and future, hence showing the importance of reading this concept in Adonis products in relation to heritage in general, and especially the Arab heritage.
Although many studies addressed this issue, but in general they were divided into two categories either to stand by Adonis and support his thesis or stand at the end of the spectrum and accused him before discussing his ideas and opinions.
This study has attempted to consider the position of the Adonis from heritage, and the foundation of the theory of creativity of Adonis, which is based on this heritage and leave it at the same time.


Creativity, Heritage, The New, Modern, Modernity, Innovation, Followers, Originality, Time, Timeless, Clarity, Mystery.

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