The Umayyad prince Abd Al Rahman Ibn AlHakam: Crictical Study to his Poetical and Literary Heritage

Fawz Suheal Nazzal


This study deals with the poetical and literary heritage of an Umayyad prince Abd ALrahman Ibn AlHakam, the fourth Umayyad poet in Andalusia, which was distributed in many Andalusia sources being not collected in one independent study and because of its stylistic renovation and immortalization of many important terms for a civilization in which the chant of the east meets the beauty of the west in one crucible.
This study consists of an introduction and two parts; the introduction handles the biography of Ibn ALhakam and his work that is immortalized in the Andalusian civilization. Also it handles the prominent figures in his royal palace and the relationship between the prince, writers and scientists. The study also deals with his critical views about poetry and poets.
The first part handles his prose (signs, address, advice and assonance in flirtation) in a way that connects between contents in their formal mold.
The second part handles Ibn Alhakam’s poetry (renovation semblances, technical properties and poetry themes such as filtration, description, wisdom and correspondence).


Abd Al-rahman Ibn Al-Hakam, Prose, Poetry

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