The Rhetoric Formation in Ibn Khatimah Al-Ansari Al-Adalusi’s Lilerary Works

Hamdi Mansour, Sa’ed Al-Anzi


This Study tackles the knack by which Ibn khatimah Al Ansari Al Andalusi made the rhetoric formation and images whether they were rhetoric, metaphor, metonymy, or diction Research. Also, it revealed that Ibn Khatinah had high capacity in poetry composing related to in the affiant images which produce different forms and images in a very brilliant form related to similarity and resemblance whereas comes out sometimes in a mull similar form which the early poets did and competed on, while others did in a sublime forms of similarity while other in reversed way or way of pretending unawareness that raise fascination, enchantment that adds up to similarity. It the image was a sort of figurative (metaphorical).
It becomes more fascinating as the metaphor itself is a sort of similarity and because his metaphors are made in a string white politic portraits complete and metegrated in lives and colors, artful and rhetoric comprising melaphor and metonymy.


The Rhetotric Formation, Ibn Khatimah

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