Jewish Historical Figures as Revealed in Andalusian Poetry

Nafitha Naser Al Sharabaty


Alsamiri took several Andalusian poetic symbols once he was the symbol of the magic of a magician and a symbol of strife which all people didn’t have to approach. But Joshua Ben-Nun, a Biblical figure, was the mostly motioned one in Andalusian poetry, not only it had the story of the sun's consent to him enriched poets' imagination, but also it also took a significant area in their poetic style. However, Al-'abid Belaam was rarely mentioned in Andalusian poetry, while Samaw'al was the most famous Jewish figures in their poetry and came mostly an image filled with a lot of meanings such as faithfulness, helping and supporting the weak in all means whatever they cost. "Al-ablaq", Samaw'al's palace, became a symbol of nobility and strength as well as protection.


Jews, Andalusian poetry, Alsamiri, Joshua Ben-Nun, Belaam, Samaw'al

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