Poetry and War The Invasion of Iraq in the Contemporary Arabic Poetry

Ibrahim M. Mansour


Arabic poetry has been connected with wars since the pre-Islamic era. That is why Mohammed Ibn Salam (139 -231 A.H.) attributed the abundance of poetry in certain regions to the outbreak of wars among the tribes in those places.
The Anglo American invasion of Iraq and the occupation of Baghdad in 2003 have had such a traumatic impact on Arabs and Muslims, which was reflected in Iraqi poetry during the aggressive war and even before during the siege that had paved the way for the invasion.
Then, Iraqi, as well as Arab and non-Arab poets set off describing the lies and fake stories promulgated by U.S.A. and the U.K. to justify the invasion. Hence, the uprising of poets was to expose and condemn the invaders. The tragedy of war and its afflictions have been illustrated in Arabic poetry.
When the confrontation between the American invaders and the Iraqi extended for six years, there appeared elegies that bemoaned the loss of Arab dignity and glory on the Iraqi land.


War, Siege, Iraq, Oil, George Bush, Alienation, Elegy, Irony

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