Supersegmental Phoneme in Arabic

Waleed Hussein


This research attempts to study the Supersegmental Phoneme in Arabic such as: intonation, stress, length, and Juncture.

This research has been based on two dimensions:

·        The first of which represents the theoritical aspects of Supersegmental Phoneme, indicating it's meaning in modern linguistics. It also deals with two terms: Prosody and Supersegmental Phoneme.

It indicates, as well, the various concepts and characteristics, dealt with the Arabic language.

·        The second dimension comes out in view of the concept that early Arab linguists tended to mean by phgonological variation of pronouncation and articulation.

It concludes that early Arab lingusts had known many theories concerning language system which appear in modern linguistics.


Suprasegmental Phonems, Linguists, Intonation, Stress, Length, Juncture.

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