The Role of Flippancy in Constructing Poetic Text "The Song of Rain": A Case Study

Khalaf Kh. Al- Khareisheh


This research aims at clarifying the main concept of Dhala'qah "Flippancy", which means; sound articulated with the tip of the tongue and lips, and is known as liquids namely /r, l, n/ and labials namely /f, b, m /to show their effect in as-Syyab's poem.

The researcher attempts to clarify the effect of these sounds in constructing as- Syyab's poetic text, mainly his poem: "The Song of Rain".

If flippancy designates the idea of purity, clarity, ease and fluency of speech; liquids and bilabial phonemes played a distinctive role in deciphering these concepts through the usage of these phonemes in constructing phonological ,statistical and lexical items of the poetic text of as-Syyab Song.

This study explores as-Syyab's poetic song with respect to interior rhythmic structure of flippancy phonemes.


Flippancy, Poetic Text, "The song of Rain".

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