The Semantic Discourse of Ego Through the Other in "Chicago" for Alaa Eddin Alaswani

Mousa Abu-Doqqa


This research deals analytically the semantic discourse of ego through the other in "chicago" by the Egyptian novelist alaa aldin alaswani. It is a novel of narrative crisis as its narration reflects the relation of the Arab Ego to that of the other American .It is considered a central relationship that disclosed a defect in the thinking structure of the Arab Ego and impair in its ability to confront the other American. This impairs or defect was represented in four crises:

1-      Deceiving the Other; History, Presence, Place and Civilization as considered altogether determinants that produced the speech, destruction and the crisis of Arab Ego.

2-      The attachment of the Arab Political authority to that of the other, and the conscious controversy of the ego towards this attachment.

3-      The Arab woman and the defeat of the Ego in Chicago.

4-      The American woman between the speech of reality and the project of semantic narration.


Comparative and Modern Literary Criticism

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