Modern Literal Criticism Trends in Jordan

Mohammad A. Abu-Tair, Mohammad A. Al-Qudah


This study sheds light on modern criticism approaches in Jordan and putting them within modern criticism references, through classifying critical, studies of these approaches pinneers as well as featuring them through their critical studies.

The present study approaches the critical studies in an attempt to define the theoretical and applied aspects in order to set a general frame for the critical movement including the various approaches.

The significance of this study comes from the absence of special studies in the critical approaches in Jordan critical movement about which this study is concerned. This significance in turn forms a general justification for this study.

This study was concluded by investigating four critical approaches which tackles important and basics aspects in Jordan critical movement, these approaches are (historical approach, social approach, mythology approach, comprehensive approach).

Through presenting a brief summary of critical approaches, the critical works of Jordanian critics were considered in order to know how committed they are to the approaches they adopted.

The researcher has conducted his study by selecting the most preeminent critics in critical approaches, which is imposed by the nature of this study. This selection is justified on the basis of those critics in the theoretical and applied aspects as well as being representative models of critical movement in Jordan. It should be taken into consideration that there are other important studies that this study didn’t consider.




اتجاهات النقد الأدبي، الدراسات النقدية، الأردن

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