Al-Fudayl Bin 'Iyad: An Example on Shyness and Remorse

Adeeb N. Thiab


The first section of this paper is an introduction on the apprehensions of the soul and the possibility of repentance in the sinful man. The second section is a brief biography of al-Fudayl Bin ‘Iyad and an account of his wanderings in different territories as well as the incident which led him without hesitation to true repentance.
The third and the fourth sections deal with the central Sufi ideas: grief and diffidence (Al-Huzn Wa Al-Haya’). In the former we discuss grief which fills the repentant's conscious and how it finishes in compassion upon people as they are expected to suffer at the afterlife. The latter section consists of reflections on the principle of diffidence occurring in one's mind as he imagines himself questioned concerning his sins at the presence of God.
The fifth section is a biographical sketch of al-Fudayl’s son, ‘Ali. It centers around cooperation with his father, his piety, his fear and his death.


Sufism, Repentance, Regretting Sins.

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