Temporal Variations in Water Use : The Case of The Greater Amman Municipality – Jordan

Abdelfattah Abdellah


By using Linear and Logarithmic regression procedures, this study analyzes factors which influence annual water use in the Greater Amman Municipality during the 2006 – 2015 period. The explanatory variables used in the model include: the average price of each water unit, average annual rainfall. Average maximum temperature, total number of minimum bills, changes in the Cost of Living Index, total number of subscribers, total number of big consumers, and total number of governmental offices provided with water services. The results of this research indicate that variables such as average price, total number of minimum bills, and temperature variables explaining a total of 89.7% of variations in annual water use quantities at the aggregate level in the Greater Amman Municipality. Therefore, such variables could be utilized as good predictive ones of future water needs in the study area


The Greater Amman Municipality; temporal variations of annual water use; linear and logarithmic regression procedures.


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