The Rhythmic Composition of the Poetry of Ibn Abi Hajlah Al- Telmesani

Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Kharsheh, Abbas Abdel Halim Abbas


This research is based on the composition of the poetry of Ibn Abi Hajlah Al- Telmesani; to identify the Arabic poetry metres (Bohour Al shaa'r),that the poet employed for his poetic purposes, as well as to stand on rhetorical arts that he employed, which stored a musical power within them, to support and strengthen the external text rhythm to achieve coherence or textual cohesion of his poetry texts. This was why the research were divided into two sections: The first was the external rythem, while the second section dealt with internal rhythm through a collection of creative arts that contributed to the establishment of a network of internal relations which worked to find some kind of textual cohesion for the poetic texts Al- Telmesani.


Al- Telmesani, The rhythmic Composition, The external rhythm, The internal rhythm.


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